Five Perfect Parenting Goals

“A Good parent is as good as a good gardener”, this quote is not from anyone else, but from myself Rajshekhar.

Our children are given to us in trusteeship by God and it is our responsibility to mold them; mold them in such a way that, they grow to become good human beings first and then become leaders of tomorrow. When I say parenting, what comes to your mind – An authoritarian parent or a punishing parent? He imagines that he should correct every step of the child. With the result, the child loses the self-esteem and he will start to dislike the parent. Like a Gardner nurtures the garden, we must nurture our children.

Recently I attended a seminar “Five Perfect Parenting Goals” from which I have educated myself a lot about how to nurture a child. Let me narrate about these 5 goals and how one can improve himself to become a perfect parent.

Five Perfect Parenting Goals

  1. Keep Your Eyes Open and watch children’s attitude
  2. Develop a Working Relationship with Teachers
  3. Work on Social Skills
  4. Help a Child to become an Independent
  5. Communicate with Each Child


  1. Keep Your Eyes Open and watch Child’s attitude
  • Open your eyes and observe if a child seems sad, withdrawn, distant, and more moody than usual, or angry.
  • Recognize if there seems to be a greater conflict between this child and siblings, if friends stop calling or coming over.
  • Engaging more time in social media (Check for the unusual sites visiting)
  1. Develop a Working Relationship with Teachers
  • Reach out to your child’s teachers before your child reaches ‘zero hour. Approach the teachers and follow up your child’s performance.
  • If you think that there may be an issue, it is a good idea to set up a meeting with the teacher and ask how you can work in harmony.


  1. Work on Social Skills
  • Help your child be successful this year by preparing him or her not just academically, but also socially. School is not simply about getting straight, it is also about learning how to get on with others and develop friendships.
  • A child who is happy in school is a child who can focus on studying and doing well.
  • How can we better teach our children social skills? Set routines for meals and bedtimes that establish stability. Help your child learn how to express frustration, disappointment and anger without hurting others.
  • Try to teach parliamentary procedure, if the child is teen or just going to turn to Adult
  1. Help Children Become Independent
  • When children feel as if they are gaining skills and becoming self-sufficient, they grow more confident in their abilities.
  • We can help our children grow independent and flourish by; Teaching our children to pick out their clothing, dress themselves as they grow older, tie their own shoes, pack school snacks, set their own alarm clocks instead of waking them up.
  • Try to engage children in public speaking activities and guide them to develop leadership skills
  1. Communicate with Each Child
  • Our children should never be afraid to speak with us. No matter how tough the topic, even if they messed up badly, they should not fear that we will hate them or want to close the door on them. Our love must be unconditional.
  • Put down your mobile Phone; turn off your laptop when your child (or you) returns home, at mealtimes and story times.
  • When you pick your child up from school. Look at him and make eye contact while having a conversation. Express your love every day, no matter how tough the day.


All of us had dreams of becoming a good parent, we had several theories about parenting, I would do this, I would do that and so on. But are we doing what we thought? Parenting is a challenge; now this is the time to understand each and every parenting goal to shape up your child’s future. “Empower your child by giving him/her a choice and chance. Let the children learn to make their own decisions. “We may not be able to prepare the future for our children, but we can at least prepare our children for the future.” More than any technique, your child needs your time, your concern and your caring.

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